The Glass Castle Post #1

Throughout the first section of the novel, The Glass Castle, Jeanette Walls spots her poverished mother digging through garbage in the streets of New York. She continues to drive by without acknowledging her mother. The rest of the first section of the novel Jeanette is reflecting on her childhood. She recalls the time she was cooking hot dogs, at age three, when her dress caught up in flames her mother rushed to use the neighbors phone, because the Walls' did not own their own, and then rushed her to the hospital. After about six weeks in the hospital Jeanettes' father, Rex, snuck her out of the hospital. The Walls family which consisted of Rex, Rose Mary, her mother, Lori, her older sister, and her younger brother, Brian, were always on the move, usually during the middle of the night. Her father was afraid he was being chased by the FBI. The Walls family would live in scattered, old towns usually in Nevada or Arizona. During all of this time running around the coutry Rex was determined to find gold and strike-it-rich. He worked on numberous projects, which rarely ever worked. However, the project he was most determined to accomplish was the Glass Castle. A home made entierly of glass where they could hapilly live and stay there. While on their way to the desert to live for a while they were driving over some railroad tracks when the back door flew open, Jeanette flew out as the car continued to drive. Hours later the "Green Caboose", what they had called their car, came rolling down the road ahead. Her father explained that Brian was trying to explained what had happened, but he was blubbering so they could not understand him. The Walls' moved to Las Vegas for about a month before they moved to the "Tenderloin District" of San Francisco. They lived in a hotel for a little bit before sleeping in the "Green Caboose" along the beach. They left San Francisco and headed to the Mojave Desert. After a while of living In Midland her mother announced that she was pregnant. The Walls children had come to understand not to expect anything for Christmas, as they did not have very much money. This Christmas was different, one by one Rex took out his children to the middle of the desert and had each of them pick their favorite star and explained to them they could have it for "keeps". The Walls moved to Blyth. A few months after living in Blyth Jeanettes mother gave birth to Lilly Ruth Maureen, however they would just call her Maureen. Her father decided they would move to Battle Montain, Nevada. So they rented a U-haul with the four children riding illegally in the back.
I believe i will enjoy this book. I am already captivated by the non-stop excitment of the Walls family excursions. I like the story being told from the perspective of Jeanette, she seems as though she will have very interesting opinions on her family. I am beginning to get frustrated with Rex Walls, he seems very controlling as though he is the only one that is "right". I suspect he has an interesting past, which will be revealed later in the story. I am on the fence about Lori, i don't know how much i will enjoy her character in throughout the story, she seems a bit bland, and uneventful. On the contrary i believe Brian will develop into an interesting character. I am thrilled to continue to read about Jeanette, i don't understand her, which i find very intruiging for her position in her family.

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