The Memory Keeper's Daughter Post #1.A

1.Transfixed (page12):to make or hold motionless with amazement, awe, terror, etc.
2. Sluicing (page31):to drain

Figurative Language:
1. "...fatigue sluicing through her body like water down a rock". (page31) This quote is an example of a simile. You can tell because the phrase is comparing two things using the word "like" or "as".
2. "She was so tiny, five and a half pounds, smaller than her brother though the same rich dark hair". (page30) This quote is an example of imagery. It is portraying something using descriptions of the 5 senses.
3."...and the naked branches if the trees turned white". (page3) This quote is an example of personification. It is giving human characteristics to an unhuman thing. Quote: "...she had risen out of the croud like some kind of vision..."(page5) This quote signifies how beautiful he thought she was the moment he spotted her amongst a crowd.

Emerging Theme: I believe one emerging theme in the book is honesty. When he sends away his daughter without his wife knowing, just because she has a birth defect, i believe it will come back to him years later and his wife will leave him.

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