The Memory Keeper's Daughter Post#1.B

Response: Dear main character, (Dr. David Henry) I am appalled at what you have just done. I cannot under any circumstance understand why you would send your daughter away just because she has a birth defect, and secondly sending your daughter away without your wife even knowing. After all your wife did having two children and you just toss one away just because it wasn’t good enough. I hope you will regret the decision you have just made. And I also hope that your daughter never finds out about you or how horrible of a “father” you were. But I do hope that your son and daughter will have the opportunity to know each other to have that special brother-sister relationship. However, I was happy when I read how well you took care of your wife. It was nail-biting to wonder if you could plow through the snow to get her to a clinic on time, even though there wasn’t a doctor there to deliver your child. The control you took over the situation was hart-warming to read about how focused you were on making sure your wife was going to be safe.

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