The Memory Keeper's Daughter Post#2.B

I am anxiuosly awaiting the next section of my book. At this moment, Caroline has fled town with the Dr. Henry's baby daughter that he rejected. Caroline had payed a visit to a home where Dr. Henry had wanted to place his daughter. However, it was in an unacceptable condition, so upon her own whim Caroline left the home and took the baby, Phoebe, back to home. On her way back she realized she didn't have any equipment and supplies for a baby so she needed to stop at the supermarket, where she locked herself and the baby out of the car. She got a ride home with Al, a truck driver, who then stayed at her house. Her neighbor who loves gossip, had questioned what Caroline was doing with a baby and a man in her apartment, so she told her that it was her cousin and his baby. Meanwhile, Dr. Harvy and his wife were going through a tough time. I cannot perdict what events will come, i have no clue where Caroline will end up. But i have a feeling Al is not completly written out of the book. I really hope that Dr. Henry's wife finds out about the daughter she thought was dead, and spent so much time crying over and feeling her daughter's presence.

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