The Glass Castle: Final Post

In the final section of the book, The Glass Castle, Jeannettes older sister, Lori, escapes Welch and persues her life in New York City. Jeanneatte follows in her sisters footsteps, and a year and a half later, after she finishes high school. In the early time of her new life in New York, Jeannette and her sister lived at the Evangeline, a woman's hostile in Greenwich Village. Jeanette landed a job a hamburger joint. In mid summer, the two girls moved into an apartment in the South Bronx. In the fall, Jeanette began working an internship at, The Phoenix, a local newspaper. About a week later, Jeanette landed a permanent mob at The Phoenix and quit her job and the hamburger joint. Jeanette wrote to Brian ofter, and the day after he graduated his junior year of high school he hopped on a train to New York City to live with his big sisters. Jeanettes eyes were opened to the thought that she could have a better job, so she enrolled in Columbia's sister college, Barnard. When Maureen was 12 years old she moved to New York City. Three years after moving to New York, Jeanette's parents joined the rest of their family and moved to the Big Apple as well. They lived in various places. Jeanettes father got sick and ended up in the hospital for 6 weeks. Jeanette graduated from Barnard in the Spring, Brian was the only family memeber to attend the ceremony. Jeanette met a man named Eric and they were married. Lori was working as a freelance artist. Brian joined the police force right as he turned 20. Maureen graduated from high school, but never applied herself in city colleges. She stabbed her mother, her mother was fine but Maureen was arrested. When Maureen was released she moved to California. Rex had a heartr attack where he was kept alive at the hospital by machines, but the family decided he would not want to live like this so they turned the machines off. A year after her father died, Jeanette divorced Eric. She later married a man named John who had two daughters.
I was very pleased to have read this book . At times it could be very frustration with the continuous moving and Rex constantly screwing up. However, i believe it really nailed the thought family. The Walls' family never gave up on eachother even though all of them messed up a time or two. But over all i enjoyed this book, and will recommend it to others.


Grace V said...

is this kara randall!? no way!
haha thanks for the comment... i loved the glass castle too, it made me just want to drop out of school and lead a life like theirs except up my living standards a tad and i'd be all set!

Molly!!! said...

Hey Kara!
I think that you do a wonderful job with your blogging so keep it up girlfriend! From what I read on your post your novel seems to be very intense!.. maybe I will read it someday! One thing I think you need to improve on is that font!..its just a little bright for me!Keep up the great job Kara!
Molly :)