The Glass Castle Post #3

In the third section of this book, the Walls' family was still living in Phoenix, but Rex was getting tiered of the city and wanted to move back to the wilderness. He was starting to drink heavily again, and was becoming reckless while he was drunk. He became so bold as to steal a portion of the familiesincom to support his habbit. One afternoon after Brian and Jeanette had returned from school they realized that their fridge was bare, yet they werefamished. They decided that they should check out the dumpster a ways down their alley in search of food. They found a few scraps and were satistifed for a while. The most dissapointing event of their life in Phoenix was Christmas, the Walls' children had learned to not expect gifts on Christmas, but this Chrismas was different. Their mother had let each of them have a dollar and they had all preceded to buy gifts for one anotherEveryone was overjoyed, except her father who lit everything on fire while he was enraged. On Jeanette's birthday there was only one thing she wantedso she decided to ask her father for it. She asked him if he could stop drinking, he was afraid she was ashamed of him, and then he sat and thought for a while. Then they were gone again, on the move unaware of where they were going to go. They ended up in Welch at Rex's parents house.The children enrolled in Welch Elementary School, Jeanette got into a fight with the black girls at her school. Jeanette's parents drove down to phoenix for a while to retrieve things they had not been able to bring the first time

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