Reaction: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Reaction: The Diving Bell and the Butterly

My thoughts on the Diving Bell and the Butterly are that it was a very complex book written with a dry sense of humor. His thoughts obviously had significant meaning to him because of the fact that he blinked his was though to get his thoughts accross. However, I think it was a little difficult to understand with the confusion of each chapter. I think Baubay began to understand the true importance of life through his devistation experience, and that things we may think are important, are really not. I thought his ability to imagine all different kinds of things, his chilren, delectable meals was incredible. His story inspired me not to take anything, even the smallest things in my life for grantid. He showed me that just the smell of french fries could brighten someones day. I am so fortunate in my life right now, this book really inspired me to understnad that everything could change at anytime. Today could be your last so live every day to its absolute potential of greatness. When Baubay says " I need to feel strongly, to love and to admire just as desperatly as i need to breath" (p. 55), it really spoke to me about his characer. It helped me understand how his compassion showed through his illness, he wanted so badely to show his love and admiration, but he was limited with only the blink of one eye. It made me sad to find out all of the things Baubay wanted to go and do in his life once he returned to his old self, but he did not live long enough to do those things. In conclusion, I believe even though I had some trouble understanding this novel, it opened my eyes to the way I will go about my life day to day.

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