The Sea Inside Post #1

Q:What is your general reaction and response to the film? What do you think of Ramon's request for assisted suicide, the court's response to him, and his eventual actions? What do you think of his friends who agreed to help him?
My first and foremost reaction to the film was that it was very sad. Towards the beginning of the film i was angry that he wanted to kill himself. I just couldn't even imagine what it would be like to want to live anymore, i thought he was out of his mind. But through out the film i began to understand how difficult it would be to want to do so many things but have to live with the reality of not even being able to wiggle your fingers. The thought of being confined solely to your body for numerous years would give you infinate time to think about things. I know i would not want to end my life not being able to do the things i love. So in conclusion, i was very inspired by this film and was very interested in the way it helped me understand someone like Ramon's position on how he feels. My thought on his friends who agreed to help him is disturbing. If one of my friends who i cared about and loved was in a situation like Ramon there is no way i could ever help them end their life. I understand that i would want to help my friend who trusted me to ask for help, but i know i would never be able to do it. I would not be able to live with the thought that i ended my friends life, even if it would make them happy, i know i would be unable to proceed with it.

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